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Join us as we celebrate 50 flat out amazing years with new books in the worldwide adventures series, common corealigned printable activities, geographythemed classroom. Flat stanley is an inventively humorous story with a light touch to even the suspenseful scenes. Flat stanley various activities teaching resources. Download and print the flat stanley event kit, which includes fun activities for kids and a printable flat stanley to use in the classroom. The amazing paperthin boy can slide under doors, fly like a kite, and travel by mail. His vision was to let kids make their own flat stanley cutouts from paper and mail them to friends and relatives all around the world, the idea being to establish educational literacy projects for children and inspire them to create their own stories about flat stanley s escapades. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading flat stanley. Flat stanley is a series of books that starts off by introducing the main character, stanley lambchop and his family.

Flat stanley is an unusual boy because hes half an inch thick. The flat stanley collection jeff brown download free ebook. Soon flat stanley is in japan, but when trouble surprises them, it will take a real hero to save the day. A bulletin board falls on top of stanley lambchop as he sleeps, and he awakens to find that he is as flat as a fiftydollar bill. Humorous stories flat stanley picture book edition hardcover. If you have other ideas please do leave them as a comment so other users can build up a bank of activities. Arthur got jealous and tried to slide under a door, but he just banged his head. At first, being flat is fabulous and stanley finds he can do all sorts of unusual things like slip under doorways, fly like a kite. Download our new display packs here evolution and inheritance display pack stone age display pack anglosaxon and vikings display pack romans display evolution display pack. Because he is flat, he can travel by mail which costs a lot less than traveling by plane or car. Youll also find a sequence of events page and several graphic organizers to guide your students through t.

Girl flat stanley template pdf download cant see worksheet. Flat stanley picture book edition jeff brown hardcover. Stanleys a big fan of ninja movie star oda nobu so he sends him something even better than fan mail stanley himself. Being flat when stanley got used to being flat, he enjoyed it. This download includes lesson plans for the project, planning sheet, and final copy paper. Petsches third grade used flat stanley to learn how to write letters. She would have been midwestern helpful if he needed her to carry his surfboard, or a box of tools, to his vw bug. As with the game and the original book, the aim is to expose kids to. Instead, hes a skating superstar, while his brother, arthur, falls and flounders.

Way back in the mid90s, the flat stanley project was launched by dale hubert in ontario, canada. Now that hes so flat, he worries that he wont be able to skate. Flat stanley by jeff brown is the story of a boy who is flattened by a bulletin board. Jeff browns beloved character, flat stanley, has been entertaining young readers for generations ever since being flattened by a bulletin board in his bedroom in 1964. The original adventure by jeff brown is a great book to share with your students. Jeff brown created the beloved character of flat stanley as a bedtime story for his sons. Resource read flat stanley actvities which gives you 20 ideas of activities you may like to do related to the story of flat stanley.

Lambchop said it was silly, but they were quite proud of him. This book companion contains comprehension questions and vocabulary for each chapter of the book. Please share any photos or stories with fans of flat stanley on. The flat stanley project is an educational project that was started in 1995 by dale hubert, a third grade schoolteacher in london, ontario, canada. It turns out that it is quite fun being flat because stanley can slip.

Its a fun way to keep your child engaged and as a supplement for activity books for children. These books have delighted kids, parents, and teachers for more than fortyfive years. See more ideas about flat stanley, flat stanley template and book activities. You may be able to have your story published on the flat stanley project site. After reading each chapter complete the storyweb with the students and then have the students complete the chapter questions and write a summary of the chapter. The flat stanley collection flat stanley series by jeff. Even while dealing in a strange world that clearly does not adhere to normal laws of physics, author jeff brown doesnt let the story get too silly, which might have muted the effect of the more tender moments. The summary is about stanley traveling the world in some places.

My students love this project every year, especially seeing themselves flat and sharing their imaginative stor. Flat stanley and the haunted house by jeff brown, macky. Hi guys, todays readaloud stories for kids is one of my favourite classics called. This chapter book is an excellent choice to share during homeschooling, in particular for children ages 5 to 7 who are ready to read independently. She had that same car, she and her husband, though. Read the book flat stanley by jeff brown with the class. Flat stanley again stanley flat again flat stanly flat again flat stanley stanlet flat again stanley flat again activities and. Flat stanley download ebook pdf, epub, tuebl, mobi. Getting kids involved with flat stanleys travels is a great way to get them interested in geography. Flat stanleys worldwide adventures is an american childrens book series written by different authors including sara pennypacker, josh greenhut, and david ross. Invisible stanleystanley in spaceflat stanley by jeff brown 3. Click download or read online button to get flat stanley book now. And when stanley receives a letter from an archaeologist, he travels by airmail to egypt to help find an ancient.

In her letter to us, justina enclosed a flattened stanley. Grade 5 verbs ot word wheel acting 101 learning the parts of a script french activity oi vowels sw blend chapter test 2a infer stories symetrical. Flat stanley collection box set by jeff brown boxed set. The first book in the series flat stanley and his original adventures begins with stanleys dad giving stanley and his younger brother arthur. He has written other outrageous books about the lambchop family, including flat stanley, stanley and the magic lamp, invisible stanley, stanleys christmas adventure, stanley in space, and stanley, flat again. And for parents and teachers, each flat stanley book delivers multicultural adventure, plot and character development story elements, and compare and contrast. Two week unit based on children writing their own flat stanley adventure. He could go in and out of rooms, even when the door was closed, just by lying down and sliding through the crack at the bottom. With our printable flat stanley template, kids can create their very own flat stanley to send to friends, relatives, or celebrities around the world. Johnsons second grade class at highland elementary school in pierce, colorado have quite the tale to tell. Stanley was due back in town by june 1st, so we started sharing stories friday during social studies. Publication date 2003 topics humorous stories, boys, humorous stories. Flat stanley has been fishing in the adirondacks, playing in north carolina, touring in disney, even exploring forts in puerto rico. Still, hes glad when his brother arthur thinks to use the bicycle.

Flat stanley is a digital version of the game in which a paper doll is sent around the world, and all the recipients write letters and send photos of themselves with the doll back to the original sender. Flat stanley distance learning by stories by storie tpt. Visit the multimedia blog to see other ways you can contribute to and experience the flat stanley project click here to go to the students stories blog. Flat stanley is a very ordinary boy until one day he gets squashed flat by a noticeboard that falls on him while he is asleep. Flat stanley adventure story planning teaching resources. Like flat stanley, flat rangers travel across the country by mail. The flat stanley collection by jeff brown, 9781405266581, download free ebooks, download free pdf epub ebook. This is a lesson plan idea to go along with jeff browns flat stanley series. Stanley lambchop has a younger brother, a mother and a father in the household. You can learn more about jeff brown and flat stanley at. In this 50th anniversary edition, join flat stanley and the rest of the lambchop family on the adventure that started it all. Flat stanley is a great project for kids of all ages.

Based on the character, stories, and adventures of flat stanley created by the late jeff brown. Children came back with pictures and notes from stanley from a variety of places. Flat stanley lesson plan read the book flat stanley by jeff brown with the class. After reading the beloved book, flat stanley, students write stories about how they became flat. Borrow ebooks, audiobooks, and videos from thousands of public libraries worldwide. This site is like a library, use search box in the widget to get ebook that you want.

Its a little unusual, but he finds he can fly like a kite, be sent on holiday through the post and can use his special new skills to catch some art thieves. The class read flat stanley flat stanley picture book edition, a book by jeff brown. Getting kids involved with flat stanley s travels is a great way to get them interested in geography. See more ideas about flat stanley, book activities and teaching social studies. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets.

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