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Koffice announced today that nokia has a this office package for download on maemo 5, the application is finger touch friendly. At the maemo conference in amsterdam suresh chande announced that nokia has contracted ko gmbh to write a mobile office viewer using the koffice libraries. We can only hope that once ovi store for n900 comes out of beta, the array of apps becomes more varied although the device still has a very limited user demographic. The latest n900 from nokia runs on the maemo 5 os fremantle. As per maemo freaks, yes, koffice is suppose to be available. Apps, apps and some more apps for your nokia n900 maemo 5. The content is very similar to the alpha release but now the apis are stable and many issues have been fixed. Purchase books, mugs, apparel, and more to support kde. Koffice is a wordexcel compatible application based on kde and qt. An interesting part of the announcement says that it is. See the maemo 5 introductory pages for details, movies, and advice.

As of now, the app is going to be just a document viewer not a full fledged document editor. The developed application will be made available for download in a typical releaseearly release. This is considered to be the final official update to maemo 5 fremantle shipped by nokia. This is a presentation on the concepts of the maemo 6 platform security, which will enable more mainstream content business. Further development of maemo 5 happens as a community effort in maemo cssu. Here is demo of the koffice running on maemo 5 customized to native look and feel. Page 7 koffice officially available for maemo 5 applications. The nokia n900 offers its exclusive maemo platform alongside ovi, an increasingly. The application can also be used to give presentations. Koffice is a kdeintegrated office suite that provides a rich set of applications and functionality with low resource overhead. Fremantle is the codename of maemo 5, which is the current version of maemo. Users of nokias smart phone can install the koffice based app to view word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentation.

The purpose of this page is to document efforts to free the maemo mobile environment as well as document the steps necessary to use the n900 device as a fully free phone. Sometime back we have covered about maemo, an open source, linuxbased operating system that is designed to run on highend mobiles. Maemo 6 janne heikkinen, director product planning, maemo devices 2. You claim over and over again dispute board, edit summaries, that other mobile platforms are still supported and only maemo 5 support was removed. What this list should illustrate, however, is that maemo 5 has a selfsufficient ecosystem of apps where one. The traditional office applications include kword word processor, kspread spreadsheet, and kpresenter presentation application. Koffice also includes kexi database application, kivio creating flowcharts and. Opera mobile 10 for nokias opensource maemo platform sprang to life as a. The presentation by suresh was given with the nokia n900 smartphone, using the new office viewer.

The nokia n900 follows up from nokias previous generation of internet tablets such as the n810, and uses maemo 5, which allows users to have dozens of. Koffice based office viewer launched for nokia n900 kde. Maemo is a software platform originally developed by nokia, now developed by the community. Nokia sponsors koffice development for mobile devices. An alpha version of office viewer has been uploaded to the repositories for the n900. Koffice to be used in next generation smart phone kde. Koffice was a free and open source office suite and graphics suite by kde for unixlike systems and windows. Maemo leste uses the linux gadget configfs to configure usb gadgets. The maemo 5 beta sdk provides the tools needed for creating applications and home widgets targeting the next major release. You may need the help of your office network administrator to complete setup.

At the time of writing, the n900 maemo 5 ship with a mix of free and nonfree components. Nokia have just released freoffice a koffice office viewer for odf odt and odp, microsoft word and microsoft powerpoint documents only at the moment. Now, koffice has always had problems with correctly rendering msoffice documents. Koffice is a free and comprehensive office suite integrating perfectly into kde. The improvements in koffice have largely been in the libraries, on top of which a maemo specific gui was written. This project is an attempt to make some useful templates for koffice. Just to clarify, this is not a commercial product of maemo but is a contribution by nokia to open source. Nokia has packaged koffice for maemo 5 environment with a new ui for maemo 5. Downloads for maemo5 811 mediabox media center 2011. Mediabox media center was built to handle large collections of media and lets you browse and play your music and videos and show your photos either from your memory cards, or remotely over the network via upnpdlna. It existed in koffice svntrunk and was not migrated to git, nor are there any other dedicated support files for other mobile platforms. This is a beta release which will not be bundled on the n900 device, but only available at download section of nokiaovi maemo applications. This shows that koffice has one of the best technical foundations, says jan hambrecht, one of the core developers of koffice. The koffice documet viewer for maemo 5 will not be installed by default and has to be installed as a 3rd party app.

If you have problems installing the firmware update, there is an article that describes some known problems and solutions as well as an article on freeing up rootfs space. Koffice for maemo 5 is an open source project to be available on maemo it is the ui layer on top of koffice open source project making koffice suitable for mobile devices. Iconic user experience and integrated internet services in one aesthetic package 3. Users of nokias smart phone can install the koffice based app to view word processing. The ms word 2003 documents ive tried with it dont show the full page very well and seem to miss half the information on it or put in on multiple pages. Originally posted by romanianusa i think i know why its not working. See the nokia conversations blog post for a consumer friendly announcement. Freoffice for n900 koffice office viewer nokiaaddict. Things that stay the same omap 3 open gl es wvga 4. Most templates are for business use, but some templates are also suitable for personal use. He also sent an email to the koffice mailing list giving some more details about how this came to be.

Koffice for maemo 5 is an open source project to be available on maemo it is the ui layer on top of koffice open source project making koffice s slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. System utilities downloads maemo flasher by maemo and many more programs are available for instant and free download. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Our goal should be to figure out how to use only free components while still maintaining a usable and. Today nokia employee thomas zander announced in his blog that nokia will be using koffice as a base for the office file viewer in maemo 5. Koffice officially available for maemo 5 page 7 maemo. Maemo 4, also known as os2008, was the operating system used on the nokia n800, n810, and n810 wimax edition. This is the first mobile office which supports both odf and ms formats. The port between the two linuxbased environments is functional, but still has some problems, according to the poster, mkruisselbrink. But therere also some gray areas, like the small number of native maemo 5 games or the still evolving twitter clients. At first glance, nokia n900 excels with a good selection of office and networking tools, and has a pretty decent number of emulators to keep the gaming flame alive on the n900. Firefox for the maemo 5 platform has a few interesting conceits that set it apart. Koffice is an integrated office suite designed for kde, the k desktop environment.

The new version mostly consists of security updates. Koffice contains a word processor kword, a spreadsheet kspread, a presentation program kpresenter, and a number of other components that varied over the course of koffice s development. This would address the ops question, but the big question is where the heck can you download the 2. This shows both how portable and lean on resources koffice is says inge wallin, the marketing coordinator. Freoffice project to be published to koffice trunk freoffice to be available via maemo extra in december 2009 open innovation to develop mobile office freoffice make office viewers on maemo 5 end user ready by fixing and closing all bugs by march.

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