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Building an intuitive multimodal interface for a smart. Design patterns for exploring and prototyping humanrobot. Challengesthings that seem to work wellthings that do not work well interface wisdominterviewed experts steinfeld, a. When we begin to build and interact with machines or robots that either look like humans or have human functionalities and capabilities, then people may well. This paper presents a framework for multimodal humanrobot interaction. Oclcs webjunction has pulled together information and resources to assist library staff as they consider how to handle coronavirus. Multimodal humanrobot interaction framework for a personal robot javi f. Multimodal pattern recognition of social signals in humancomputerinteraction 4th iapr tc 9 workshop, mprss 2016, cancun, mexico, december 4, 2016, revised selected papers. Semantic analysis, in this sense, encompasses both oral and sign languages, as well as both verbal and nonverbal communicative signals. Humanmachine interface design for process control applications is a 20,000 ft view of hmi design. Interaction, by definition, requires communication between robots and humans. Humanrobot interaction hri has recently received considerable attention in the.

Patterns in humanrobot interactions research on humanrobot interactions has also considered how robots might display patterned behaviors, such as gaze patterns that facilitate conversational turntaking and joint attention, to enable more effective humanrobot interaction. This paper presents a multimodal interface for the interaction between a human user and an assistive humanoid robot. Theory and practice, second edition is todays most comprehensive primary reference to building outstanding 3d uis. The blue and brown books preliminary studies for the philosophical investigations. When we begin to build and interact with machines or robots that either look like humans or have human functionalities and capabilities, then people may well interact with their humanlike machines in ways that mimic humanhuman communication. The hypci would be the novel means of human robot interface hri or human computer interface hci. Reliable information about the coronavirus covid19 is available from the world health organization current situation, international travel. Building technology platform aimed to develop service robot with. Uni ed incremental multimodal interface for humanrobot.

The goal is to build an intuitive, and easy communication with the robot. But simply choosing to use 3d input or 3d displays isnt enough. Learning to understand multimodal commands and feedback for humanrobot interaction anja austermann doctor of philosophy department of informatics, school of multidisciplinary sciences, the graduate university for advanced studies sokendai 2010 school year september 2010. For robots to interact effectively with human users they must be capable of coordinated, timely behavior in response to social context. Multimodal interface an overview sciencedirect topics. A social robot must provide multimodal interfaces, which try to integrate speech, written text, body language, gestures, eye or lip movements and other forms of communication in order to better understand the human and to communicate more effectively and naturally. The proposed framework is intended to bring important contributions to the development of human robot interaction to facilitate intuitive programming and to enable easily adapting to changes in robot task without the need of using skilled personnel. The adaptive strategies for sustainable longterm social interaction alize project focuses on the design of longterm, adaptive social interaction between robots and child users in realworld settings. For speech input, the asr module processes the recorded speech commands and. This paper describes the design and the software engineering process behind the development of a modular and multimodal human robot interface for. With the advance of speech, image and video technology, humancomputer interaction hci will reach a new phase.

Ieee conference on acoustics, speech and signal processing icassp16, mar 2016. Interface lessons for fully and semiautonomous mobile. Subject terms auditory control and display, haptic display, humanrobot interface, humanrobot interaction, multimodal, robotic operator performance 16. The interaction environment consists not only of the immediate social context of the conversations but also of the physical environment in which the. This chapter discusses hci interfaces used in controlling aerial robotic systems otherwise known as aerobots. Building a multimodal humanrobot interface ieee journals. Hunting the snark human computer interaction series 9783319565316. Humanrobot interaction news newspapers books scholar jstor august 2011 learn how and when to remove this template message. Performance analysis of gesture recognition classifiers for building a human robot interface. Pdf building a multimodal humanrobot interface semantic. Pointandcommand paradigm for interaction with assistive robots. Building a multimodal humanrobot interface semantic scholar. Multimodal humanmachine interaction for service robots in.

This book describes an innovative approach to the interaction between humans and a smart environment. Schultz, william adams, elaine marsh, and magda bugajska, naval research laboratory no one claims that people must interact with machines in the same way that they interact with other humans. A multimodal interface was used, with input from speech, gestures, sensors and personal electronic devices. Building a multimodal humanrobot interface navy center. The advent of multimodal interfaces based on recognition of human speech, gaze, gesture, and other natural behavior represents only the beginning of a progression toward computational interfaces capable of relatively humanlike sensory perception. Multimodal probabilistic modelbased planning for humanrobot interaction edward schmerling1 karen leung 2wolf vollprecht3 marco pavone abstractthis paper presents a method for constructing humanrobot interaction policies in settings where multimodality, i. The design of two humanoid robots and an intuitive and flexible user interface for use by therapists in the treatment of children. The robot was able to use dynamic levels of autonomy to reassess its spatial situation in the environment through the use of sensor readings and an evidence grid map. A special type of multimodal interface that takes the idea of natural communication further than the gazebased interfaces do is one where gaze is combined with speech and natural language interaction in an extended dialogue system. Humanrobot interaction is the study of interactions between humans and robots. Numerous and frequentlyupdated resource results are available from this search. The aim is to achieve a closer interaction between the robotic device. Multimodal humanrobot interaction robotics lab where. The system described here supports human dialog with an agent controlling a simulated robot, but is flexible with respect to both input language and output task.

Characterizing interface design in realtime interactive media applications, in first acm international conference on humanrobot interaction. Certainly, people do not carry on conversations with their. Specifically, it concerns multimodal technologies, including voice recognitionsynthesis systems, bone conduction and throat microphones, and tactile systems. W3c has introduced a webspeci c multimodal framework 31. Humanrobot interaction research is diverse and covers a wide range of topics. Show full abstract robot and the associated human interface. Who this book is written for kinect in motion audio and visual tracking by example is great for developers new to the kinect for windows sdk, and who are looking to get a. This means that once the robot is started, it will perform a certain task until completion and then turn off.

The applicationcentric design method is often based on a specific application or research initiative and result in a specialized approach to humanrobot interaction. Focus is set to safety, ergonomy and usability of the system. This thesis concerns the redesign of a multimodal interface for teleoperating a humanoid robot. Communication between a human and a robot may take several forms, but these forms are largely influenced by whether the. Dirk heylen, in humancentric interfaces for ambient intelligence, 2010.

Multimodal interaction with an autonomous forklift. Multimodal pattern recognition of social signals in human. Using a handdrawn sketch to control a team of robots. Building an intuitive multimodal interface for a smart home. The work and the components presented here constitute the core building blocks for audiovisual perception of humans and multimodal humanrobot interaction.

Building a multimodal humanrobot interface dennis perzanowski, alan c. Robot walker by brick banana nook book ebook barnes. Human robot interaction an overview sciencedirect topics. Building an intuitive multimodal interface for a smart home springerlink. Multimodal sensorbased wholebody control for human robot collaboration in industrial settings. While it is worth reading, making it a borrow bbb, there are other books that can provide more details of design. Tpatterns, humanrobot interaction, multimodal dialogue, realtime, turn taking. Introduction in the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence work dealing with humanagent interaction, such as pet robot development for entertainment, humanoid robot applications 11, interactive teaching systems 4, and so on, has been gradually increasing. For example, a significant research effort is being devoted to designing humanrobot interface. In our research on a multimodal interface to mobile robots, we have assumed a model of communication and interaction that, in a sense, mimics how people communicate. Murillo abstractlearning object models in the wild from natural human interactions is an essential ability for robots to perform general tasks. Multimodal sensorbased wholebody control for humanrobot. Multimodal human action recognition in assistive humanrobot interaction.

The book includes a series of stepbystep illustrated tutorials supported by detailed explanations for building a multimodal user interface based on kinect for windows. Robot prototype was designed to see, hear, speak and use its multimodal interface for enhanced communication with humans. A major area of interest within the fields of humancomputer interaction hci and humanrobot interaction hri is user feedback. A multimodal dataset for object model learning from natural humanrobot interaction pablo azagra1, florian golemo 2, yoan mollard, manuel lopes3, javier civera 1, ana c. Multimodal interface for humanmachine communication pong c. Development of a multimodal interface for teleoperating a. An existing design which has been developed at the german aerospace center dlr over the last years is analyzed and possible points of improvement are identified. Learning to understand multimodal commands and feedback. The main feature of this dialogue system is its generality.

Humanrobot interaction hri reflects the need for attention to multidisciplinary problems such as motor and perceptual abilities and limitations, robot software, robot hardware characteristics. Salichs abstractsthis paper presents a framework for multimodal humanrobot interaction. Performance analysis of gesture recognition classifiers. This book presents the development of a new multimodal humanrobot interface for testing and validating control strategies applied to robotic walkers for assisting human mobility and gait rehabilitation. Kristiina jokinen, graham wilcock, in multimodal behavior analysis in the wild, 2019. A platform for building new humancomputer interface. Building a multimodal human robot interface dennis perzanowski, alan c. The effectiveness of virtual environments in developing collaborative strategies between industrial robots and humans.

In this context, we study how spatial configuration of user and robots may affect the efficiency of these interfaces in realworld settings. However, the situation becomes a bit more complex when we begin to build and interact with machines or robots that either look like humans or have human. International conference on human factors in computing systems chi, pages 197200, boston, ma, april 2009. First, we introduce two multimodal human multirobot interaction systems for selecting and commanding an individual or a group of robots from a population. Introduction during the last decades, an enormous number of socially interactive robots have been developed constituting the. Several researchers have proposed multimodal frameworks to address this need. If a human interacts with a computer or a machine that understands spoken commands, the human might converse with the machine, expecting it to have competence in spoken language. Part of the lecture notes in computer science book series lncs, volume 5611. Developing complex robots for humanrobot interaction requires substantial. Multimodal probabilistic modelbased planning for human. The th international conference on humancomputer interaction, hci inter tional 2009, was held in san diego, california, usa, july 1924, 2009, jointly with the symposium on human interface japan 2009, the 8th international conference on engineering psychology and cognitive ergonomics, the 5th international conference on universal access in humancomputer interaction, the third.

Pdf multimodal humanrobot interaction framework for a. We present details of how the robotplatform was designed in order to enable multimodal data. Designing a multimodal humanrobot interaction interface. Towards defining the systems multimodal hri model, we discuss the acquisition of the multimodal sensory corpus which served as a primary. A survey of datasets for human gesture recognition. Index terms humanrobot communication, assistive hri, multimodal dataset, audiogestural command recognition, online validation with elderly users 1. From video games to mobile augmented reality, 3d interaction is everywhere. Multimodal interfaces for humanrobot interaction summit. A video gamebased framework for analyzing humanrobot interaction.

When we begin to build and interact with machines or robots that either look like humans or have human. Enabling multimodal humanrobot interaction for the karlsruhe. Building a multimodal humanrobot interface abstract. In this paper we present details of the development of a system to capture humanrobot interaction and its implementation in a realworld setting where naive interlocutors were able to engage with a conversational robot in real time. Designing and implementing a platform for collecting multi. The motivation behind natural language interfaces is. Such interfaces eventually will interpret continuous input from a large number of different visual, auditory, tactile, and other input modes, which will be recognized as users engage in everyday activities. Multimodal interface for humanmachine communication. A multimodal dataset for object model learning from. Gerhard leitner this book describes an innovative approach to the interaction between humans and a smart environment. Designing and implementing a multimodal interface is a high cost process, therefore multimodal application frameworks are needed for rapid development of such systems19.

Khamis, mar a malfaz rakel pacheco, rafael rivas, ana corrales, elena delgado and miguel a. Decoupling of modality integration and interaction design. Humanrobot interaction hri is a field of study dedicated to understanding, designing, and evaluating robotic systems for use by or with humans. All aspects of human factors and robotics are within the purview of hri research so far as they provide insight into how to improve our understanding in developing effective tools, protocols, and systems to enhance hri. It can be adapted to a wide range of applications and domains in a short time. Kamerider team is a collaborative effort that aims to develop an open robot platform for service robotics. Incorporating a reusable human robot interface with an.

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