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The fork has standard 9mm quick release dropouts and poststyle disc brake mounts. The high end suspension marketplace has been dominated by the. Fox 36 rc2 dust wiper and bath oil service on vimeo. Help with highlow compression on fox 40 rc2 pinkbike forum. It has been used and shows the usual signs of wear. Maintaining your fork is key to good performance on the trail. An oil change with the fox 40 rc2 fork consists of changing the lower leg oil bath in each leg. But with the high low speed compression i dont feel any. My 2007 fox 40 rc2 is not sensitive over small repetetive holes or bumps. Fox shox manual shocks and forks 2009 by vita jte issuu. Area high school students chose to either attend herculaneum or crystal city high school. I will need a new spring because i am a much heavier guy than the former owner. This oil bath service can be performed with the common tools listed above, and the fork does not have to be removed from the bicycle.

Hi lee, the official word is the 36 van rc2 can not be lowered in travel due to the tight packaging. Fox racing shox 32mm forx owners manual pdf download. I just had to pick up a spring from you guys that is listed by fox as for 90120lb riders black spring. If you see your name among the fox senior high school graduates, someone is looking for you. Fox racing shox recommends that you at least read the first six pages of foxhelp. I have the full rebuild manual from fox, ill check it out and see what all is involved. So in 1955, the fox c6 school district established a high school by adding a freshman class to its kindergarten through eighth grade format. To change the range of bottomout control damping characteristics of your dhx rc4 shock, attach a fox high pressure pump to the air valve on the reservoir. New highflow, high and lowspeed compression adjuster offers an increased adjuster range. I know, i hate it when threads suggest product you werent asking about but i would stay away from fox if maintenance is a concern. Shocks free delivery possible on eligible purchases. Tubes are flawless and any minor imperfections showing in the pictures are dustdirt spots. Watch fox 40 whistle watch user manual 8 pages summary of contents for fox 40 jg028. I noted in my own teardowns following the fox site that they leave out some steps, along with conspicuously leaving out what the actual damper in the rc2 cartridge looks like.

The 2012 coil sprung fox 40 weighed in at just over 7 lbs. Improperly installed or adjusted brakes can cause loss of control and serious or fatal injuries to the rider. Hs66 and hs77 magura rim brake parts and complete rim brake sets in black and silver or old school red, flouroyellow and school bus yellow. Retro retro rock shox mag 21 suspension fork68mm travel 1 threadless steerer tube up for auction here is an old school rock shox mag 21 suspension fork. Luckily we didnt encounter this issue with the fork. Fox 36 talas r 160mm mountain bike buy a fox 36 talas r or rc2. Last year eeeer 2008 and 2007 the float forks had a damping cartridge without the hydraulic. These places have the best prices and service, which is why ive used them since. All the main parts of the damper and pretty much where the fox manual leaves off. Maybe when it is old and worn and losing compression can you up the nitro percentage. The fork mounted ctd dial left gives riders the ability to choose between.

After a redesign and some serious weight savings its finally time for the 36 and rc2 to take the stage again. My 36 has been in service for nearly a year, and a trip to the local bikepark revealed that without any doubt, my bottom out was too hard for me. There is just something about this fork that gives it that buttery endless feel along with unbeatable stiffness and quality. You can adjust the travel of the 2015 fox 36 float fork in 10mm increments. The 2015 36 float uses an all new air spring system that can be adjusted to provide different compression ratios.

This service will not require any disassembly of the closed rc2 cartridge. Jul 18, 2016 you can adjust the travel of the 2015 fox 36 float fork in 10mm increments. This video guides you through the procedure to change travel. The rc2 damper has independent high and lowspeed compressions adjustment and offers greatly superior, incremental control when compared to a ctd damper. The names listed below are alumni who have been searched for on this site from fox senior high schoolin arnold, missouri. Tapered steertube cut at 7 58th inches very lightly used with only minimal normal light scratches and one light decal rub as shown in pictures. Works great 0100 psi wit h release valve appriox 7. Page 11data engine manuals in pdf please post dated manuals here engines. Xc20 suspension fork 120mm mtb bike shock manual lock air forks 2627.

Instead, its behavior and performance characteristics are influenced by the air pressure setting in the reservoir, and by the adjustment of the reservoir bottomout control knob. Fox talas 32 140120100mm rlc used 2008 steerer tube 118 tube length. How to maintain fork fox 40 manutenzione forcella mtb duration. High school alumni in arnold, missouri mo class finders. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on javascript in your browser. Highspeed compression damping controls the force it. Dvos emerald downhill fork made quite the splash when it was first unveiled, and for good reason.

View and download fox racing shox 32mm forx owners manual online. Components 11495 fox spares 1264 fox fork spares 497 fox fork adjusters and small parts. Changing the oil and broken spring in my fox 40 rc2 fit feel free to ask for tips. Equipped with our patentpending variable valve control vvc high and lowspeed rebound adjuster, improved compression damping and less friction overall, the 40 is just as comfortable in the bike park as it is racing the world cup circuit. Only fox racing shox or an authorized service center should perform such a procedure. We presented utter release of this book in txt, epub, fox 32 float ctd manual high school telegraph. The 40 s grip2 damper delivers ultimate performance and control when the going gets rough. In general, for a rider between 160180lbs, we recommend the. Coil spring with high and low speed compression adjustments on the lower leg and rebound and compression adjustments on the top. I have trashed plenty of forks but not my shivers or my old school. Except for the fox 40, all fox forks have a crownsteererupper tube assembly.

But if you find that youre in need of a rebuild on your older 2005 2008 or 20092011 fox 40 and want the best fox has to offer, have i got news for you. We try to keep the lowest possible crown to axle height and on the 36 van, this came at the expense of designing the coil spring for one specific length. Signs your fit rc2 damper needs a servicerebuild ridemonkey. The 40 was a lighter animal and was offering high and low speed compression adjustments. Categories components fox spares fox fork spares fox fork adjusters and small parts fox fork adjusters and small parts. The air is located in the middle of the talas knob, while the rebound. Jump forward to fox s current state and they are making everything from xc to dh suspension for mountain bikes. Ive never had an opportunity to ride either, nor will i probably ever get the chance, so i was wondering what yall thought about these two forks. Do not attempt to disassemble the fox 40 rc2 or r closed cartridge system.

In terms of what other seals to replace, ive had the lshs adjuster orings fail before so you can. Fox f 40 rc2 165203mm internally adjustable travel for 26 wheels20mm qr axle. Fox talas 32 2009 service manual fox talas 32 2009 service manual book results. Not everyone can afford the latest and greatest all the time. The thing is, all these areas of adjustment arent explained well at all in the 2008 manual, brief explainations yes, but for a fork so detailed in its adjustment, better understanding is definitely needed by the rider, and marzocchi need to bring thier tech info up to the standard of the component. I searched to no avail, just trying to get some input on what settings others are running their 40 s at. Attach a fox racing shox high pressure pump to the schrader valve see using the fox high. Setting rebound, high speed compression and low speed compression damping adjustments on fox 36 rc2 fit damper forks for firebird. Prior to 1955, there was no local high school in the arnold community. Read its strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing. This video guides you through the process of changing your bath oil and dust wipers in the 2015 36mm. I have since stored it by the rear wheel and seals stay nice and moist and living a long life still. Operators manual arctic cat fox 36 van rc2 2015 manual atharvaconsultancy if you are searching for a ebook fox 36 van rc2 2015 manual in pdf format, in that case you come on to the right website.

So it can be set perfect for all weights and riding styles. Fox racing shox 2008 owners manual rev b page 12 please read this manual before setting up, using, maintaining, and servicing your fox racing shox product. The fox engines i have all have a fairly high compression, so fai or 5% nitro is about it. The new 40 float is 1 lb lighter than its coil brother. The new rc2 damper has external control of both high and lowspeed compression, via big blue knobs, identical to the setup on the fox 40 downhill fork.

My front end is shaking like when i get over those kind of little bumps. Scribd is the worlds largest social reading and publishing site. Also included is the original factory manual and the cable stop for running cantilever brakes which nearly everyone tossed years ago. Coming off some of the lesser fox offerings and previous model years, this shock is a real step up. Theres no denying that it isnt as stiff as a fox 40, which still remains.

Find high school friends using our arnold, missouri mo alumni listings by last name that includes class year and contact info. Your 2018 yearbook will arrive in may 2018 instead of the fall. Yearbook sales end early in 2018 order before time runs out. I have a 2009 fox 36 talas rc2, with the talas iii system, and unfortunately the talas travel adjustment is no longer working properly, im hoping someone can help me out. Page 1 stopwatch do not expose the unit to strong chemicals such as gasoline, clean solvents, acetone, alcohol, insect jg028 repellents.

The rc2 damper has independent high and lowspeed compressions adjustment and offers greatly superior, incremental. These are essentially fox 32 floats but even lighter. Fox was cool enough to contact me to see if i wanted to pimp someones 40 for them. The 2010 fox 36 fork suite is comprised of the float air spring, fixed travel. This video shows you how to change your compression. Cautions and warnings cautions and warnings will be highlighted in red text, as shown below. New high flow, high and lowspeed compression adjuster offers an increased adjuster range. Adjusting high speed compression rc2 only 118 boost feature of the high speed compression adjuster rc2 only 119. It was not compatible with my new bike and is ready for a new owner. I have a 2011 fox 40 and recently did an oil change on the lowers. Fox 40 rc2 im looking for a new fork for my demo, and ive narrowed my choices down to a dorado expert or a 40 rc2. This is a 2008 fox 32 f80 float fork with a 118 straight steerer that is just barely under 8 long.

Imo the fox manual lists spring weights that are too stiff. I have a 2009 fox 36 talas rc2, with the talas iii system, and unfortunately the talas travel adjustment is no longer working properly, im. Great shape, kashima stanchions, stealth lowers, high and low speed compression, coil preload, and rebound adjustments. But like the fork on mikes bike, its gotten buried behind newer, shinier stuff. The fork legs never hits large rocks at high speeds but in older 40 fork models many people in this area had problems piercing the fork. Says so in the owners manual but i had to learn the hard way still as i never read that prior. External rebound adjustment allows you to tune the rate the shock returns after compression. Help with highlow compression on fox 40 rc2 in downhill. Police identify student expelled after security found loaded gun in backpack at a hartford high school news teen who brought loaded gun to iowa school just wanted attention, attorney says. Review is about the 2009 rc2 fox 40, not the kashima fit version. The elastomers have hardened over the years and will need to be replaced. All the adjustments are useful and straightforward and is a great match for the enthusiast who still wants a handfull of settings to dial in the ride, yet doesnt want to shell out the cash for a super high end shock.

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