Mason and mckee bullet book

A hard covered book with over 1,000 full color photographs of excavated civil war artifacts on 300 pages. This is a nice original dug civil war bullet known to collectors as the. Hello all, does anyone know what kind of fired bullet this is. Mac mason was a historian, author, and artist who applied his skillful and artistic lettering to many civil war artifacts.

For your consideration one stelma2 bullet book 050 confederate richmond laboratory colt revolver bullet. I think it is confederate it was found in the 1980s at the east cavalry battlefield at gettysburg. Army of tennessee authentic civil war relics knoxville, tn. Well blog on how the bullet journal fits so naturally for homeschool planning book lists, future goals, evaluating our children. The mold still opens and closes freely, though the block pin that. L00063, original mckee and mason bullet reference book. These were manufactured at the richmond laboratory for the confederacy. For your consideration one tower for rifled musket bullet.

Heavy mold seams can be seen on both sides of this bullet. The side cast mark is very easy to see with the bullet being in very good dug condition. I have looked on the internet and have a copy of mckee and mason s bullet book but i have not been able to id. You will find this bullet to be in excellent dug condition with a near perfect white patina. This one has a very slick patina and great mold characteristics. Well show you how the bullet journal works for managing our homes, our personal goals, our money, our menus, our life.

The mckee and mason book claims federal manufacture but i am not so sure. Without a doubt you want the mason mckee book with supplement. Number of grooves typically called rings, but as most are recessed, grooves is a more accurate word in many cases. Bullets listed in this section are dropped unless noted. Haywood gives a good, brief history of freemasonry and then takes us from the petition to freemasonrys place in the world. One of the first to document the existence and origin of this bullet was w.

A confederate bullet without question in very good dug condition. By the way, i think i found one bullet in mckee and mason 4 times, but we havent gotten to it yet so for now the 222332 one sets the standard for redundancy. I am literally kicking myself that i didnt read or listen to this sooner because this. Small arms and field artillery with supplement by w. The text and oft times the specific bullet references are confusing. I have one of those electronic scales, so i used that to weigh em. This is an outstanding masonic book for the new or experienced mason. This is the definitive reference book for civil war military projectiles. Jun 29, 2017 there would be a thick encyclopedia between the muzzle and his body, authorities say he told 19yearold monalisa perez. There is an example of the original wrapper out there but no cartridges that are known. Tennessee lead civil war relics seller of civil war bullets. Five must have books for identifying finds detecting365.

Masons book civil war projectiles ii with supplement. Mason 1980, hardcover at the best online prices at ebay. A friend has a civil war bullet collection he wanted me to better identify, using that mckee and mason, civil war projectiles ii book. Have any of you all looked at the book and developed a list of bullets that are really fired or carved. A hunters tale middle tennessee metal detecting club.

All of the examples are unique with different characteristics such as size, shape, coloring, and condition. I also added a pic of the info from the book for the caliber, length and diameter, etc. The scouring device was intented to clean a soilders rifle barrell every 10th shot or so. An errata page glued to the inside cover is somewhat helpful, but the occasional description of bullets on pages separate from pics adds to the confusion. Dec 06, 2016 hello all, does anyone know what kind of fired bullet this is. Relic shows are cancelling left and right, and one show promoter told me he didnt think thered be any shows until next year. Ou goal is to help others learn about the ammunition and its history. The most important, obviously, was the taxonomy identification system and a numbering system. These are the lead bullet portion of the cartridge and we know they are the tougher to find versions that were used on the rubber case cartridge because of the bullet form. This is the very bullet photographed on page 185 fig. Mckee and mason established the taxonomy used to classify and identify bullets. These rubber case style bullets have the more pronounced upper ring. Lots of photos of cw bullets, tools, and big projectiles.

What we do know for certain is that they are very rare. We will help you learn more about the fascinating history of small arms ammunition and identify those unknown finds you have. This is a dead on match to the bullet listed in deans book. I suspect they got the name arkansas hog due to the fact that they are primarily recovered in arkansas, and a few in missouri. You will be lost without this book if you want to collect bullets. You dont find these very often that come up for sale.

The photographs and the shading of the bullets is horrible. This book came hot off the press in may 20 after over ten years of research and collecting photos to document the civil war history of coastal georgia and south carolina from charleston s. This bullet is nice but does have a very small period ding that can be seen in. They have the two rings on the side of the bullet and the insert design on the base. An errata page glued to the inside cover is somewhat helpful, but the occasional description. He started buying other hunters collections from civil war shows and the internet dealers.

This is a nice excavated bullet style known to collectors as the gardner pattern. This excavated confederate sidecast bullet is in excellent condition and is from the collection of the legendary mac mason. Specific info for identifying a real cannonball re. Measuring, identifying and collecting dug civil war bullets. Although aimed at the bullet collector and digger, mason and mckees work has value for. Thomas lists this bullet as a product of the nashville or atlanta civil war arsenals. There are several books on identifying bullets, but this one is easiest to read. This is a nice original dug civil war bullet known to.

The mold is right at 7 inches long and makes both the conical hanoverian pattern bullet, and a round ball of the same size, approximately. These ten mixed bullets, with grey, white and tan patinas, are in good condition and are from the bullet collection of paul irvin. Comb bound, 44 singlesided pages with photos and descriptions of. I called them that for several years, but gradually saw other sources calling them williams regulation pistol carbine. Here is an excellent dropped example of the rare arkansas hog bullet. And it is an extra thrill to dig a bullet type that you have never dug before. You will find the condition is very good to excellent dug. If thats the case, well sorely miss seeing our friends. Thomas and thomas built upon their work to correct some errors and better identify many bullet types. One of the things we had discussed was a commentary on the bullets by mckee and mason number. Collectors refer to a bullet by their number in each book.

In the rotting slums of london, luke and malc are called to investigate. A general selection of military items from civil war thru world war ii with an emphasis on buttons and cartridges of the american civil war and pre1898 period. They have been associated with texas troops, and are usually from early war sites. Recommended books and sources for learning about bullets. You will find this bullet to be in excellent dropped condition. You will find this bullet to be in excellent dug condition. It was done years ago and does have some mistakes but everyone that talks and deals in bullets refer to bullets by the numbers assigned to them in this book. In the stelma bullet book tom spoke of a double ring cavity. My book field artillery projectiles of the american civil war. Have any of you all looked at the book and developed a list of. It is actual size photos in the book but the kindle version has to be zoomed in on each item but other than that it is a very informative read. Comb bound, 44 singlesided pages with photos and descriptions of bullets and artillery shells. This book is full of fired bullets, cut off bullets, modern bullets, misnamed bullets, etc.

Masonic books for the new mason freemason information. Just find 69 on the left side of the pic and follow it to the right for all the measurement info. I have most of them marked in red in my book but am still curious about some. This rare early war bullet has a very thin skirt and is in excellent condition. For example many collectors understand a note like mm532 usa gardiner as the number assigned by mason and mckee to a union experimental explosive musket bullet and can turn to one of two books which use this numbering system for information. Mason reference number from their civil war bullet reference book civil war projectiles ii small. I have looked on the internet and have a copy of mckee and masons bullet book but i have not been able to id. The mason list, to me, was a book revolving around friendship, friendship deep and true, built on ive had this book on my kindle since release a few years ago and i got an audio copy. Discover delightful childrens books with prime book box, a subscription that delivers. While all bullet books will have mistakes, the mm book is full to the brim with mistakes and outdated information. This one has a slight ring around the nose and one vertical cut line on the side. If you have ordered an antique weapon or artifact from our website please be advised that these guns are sold strictly as collectible antiques. I highly recommend this if you metal detect for civil war bullets.

Civil war projectiles ii with supplement the bullet book. This book is very detailed with drawings including weights and dimensions of old civil war era ammunition. I have most of them marked in red in my book but am still curious about some of them. I figure that temporarily, i hope but i did just check again absent the ability to upload pictures we need some extra creativity to stimulate interest. The civil war bullet book was established online reference to promote education and the hobby of antique ammunition, bullet, and cartridge.

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